Autologous Eye Serum

Tears are complex in nature and are important for overall ocular health. Patients with severe dry eyes have difficulty finding relief, and supplementing the body’s lack of tear production with lubricating drops is often inadequate. Many people have underlying medical issues, which predispose to dry eye, including rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease, or take medications which compromise tear production. In most cases, there may not be a complete “solution” to dry eyes. We work to find relief for dry eyes and to prevent the long-term damage to the ocular surface resulting from a lack of tear production. Using your own blood serum to make the drops, this medication can provide significant relief where other techniques have come up short.

Patients who are interested in getting autologous eye serum drops should follow the instructions below.
  • Patients will need to bring a prescription order (basic  signed RX, stating “Patient and or Lab to take serum sample to sterile compounding pharmacy (C2 Medical Solutions, LLC) to compound fortified Serum Eye Drops 25% Solution for ocular use.”)  that has all pertinent patient demographic information including name, DOB, address, phone number, and any allergy information.  Prescription must be signed and dated by a licensed physician.
  • It is recommended that the patient have prior testing or screening for Hepatitis B & C, and HIV done annually.  A copy of this information should accompany the patient to facility they use to have their serum drawn and the compounding pharmacy.  If this has not been done within a year’s time prior to the date the Rx order,  the patient should be tested at the time they have their blood drawn for the serum drops and retain a copy of their results to provide the pharmacy and the physician’s office.
  • Cost of the serum drops will vary based upon the amount of serum harvested from each patient’s blood sample. Typically, patients will have enough serum for us to prepare 3-4 month’s supply of serum eye drops (25% solution).  The serum drops are stable refrigerated for 45 days and the serum drops that are not being used acutely may be stored in the freezer of up to 180 days per published stability data.
  • Prior to having blood drawn, the patient is encouraged to hydrate by drinking water in the hours leading up to the blood drawing. This will ensure that there will be a good amount of serum that will be used to compound the eye drops.
Procedures to be followed by Lab:
  1. Draw whole blood via venipuncture (minimum of 40cc and up to 60cc (40-60mL) recommended)
  2. Allow blood to sit at room temperature and in light restrictive area for 30-45 minutes to allow blood to clot.
  3. Centrifuge the samples for 2 cycles of 5 minutes at 5,600 rpm.
  4. Once centrifuged have the blood samples placed in an ice chest and transported immediately to C2 Medical Solutions for further processing.
  5. Samples may be stored in the freezer until ready to transport to C2 Medical Solutions if they cannot be transported to pharmacy immediately following blood extraction.  


Compounded Eye Drops

At C2 Medical Solutions, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial eye drops can be compounded for a patient’s specific needs. While many commercially available eye drops contain preservatives that cause dry eyes, custom eye drops can be compounded that exclude those preservatives. Eye drops that are no longer commercially available can also be compounded upon request.